Almost there

I don't know how I got into this habit, but I like to do all my errands on Friday. First, though, I need to work until about 2 at least. I might go to a talk at 10.30 depending on how work is going although I think that could just be a major distraction. Now that I have comments on that chapter I think I'll really enjoy getting that revised and out the door. My advisor wants me to call him, so I stalled until Monday, but that means I need to get a bunch of tangible stuff done this weekend, so I can say yes, I am done with x chapters and I have x chapters left. Which, I think is pretty reasonable, since I have been making good progress this past week. If I can get Chapter 4 and 5 done this weekend, I'll be really happy, since that will mean I will only have ONE chapter left to revise before this baby is ready to defend!

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