Fall is in the air

Okay, its fall. I wore a jacket to campus this morning. I think maybe because I am not involved in teaching or taking classes and don't have much interaction with anyone but my postdoc mentor, the start of the semester has been no more than just more people around in the hallways and on campus. Fall hadn't really sunk in until this shift in the weather.

I feel like it is so easy for me to get isolated here. I am an introvert, but I like being around people too, but being a postdoc is strange. I feel like I don't have much reason to talk to anyone else. I think Mentorprof is getting the sense that I am depressed. He wouldn't be completely off, but he hasn't actually said anything like that to me. I just get the sense that he can tell that I am in a bit of a fog. Part of it is not being done with the dissertation, it puts me in an in-between and not-so-officially here position. Part of it is just feeling aloof from all that is going on in this new department. I am not even sure where to begin. It seems like everyone is busy with their own thing. I hope that finishing up my revisions will help me to feel more grounded here.

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