Walking along

I've been going for a walk a couple of evenings each week, and I'm amazed at how just carving out a small amount of time for recreation can change the tone of the day. These thirty minutes are transformative for me. My mood and even my posture changes when I get back from a walk -- I'm not hunched over, even when I sit at the computer -- and I just feel like I can stand taller in more ways than one. Being in nature for a short period of time in the day is uplifting and rejuvenating. Seeing a ladybug crawling along, or some beautiful wild flowers blowing in the wind, listening to the birds, looking up at the sky, all things I don't get enough of. The walking itself does the body good, but there's no doubt this is good for overall well-being. I'm going to pencil in a walk at least twice a week. Its a great way to end the day, and hard to talk myself out of, since its only 30 minutes. Give it a try if you aren't already doing something like this. I wish I had sooner.


Anonymous said...

Very good idea. I try to do this once in a while, then I get too busy with Important Computer Work, and all good intentions fall apart. Restart net week. Good luck keeping it up!

hgg (retired blogger)

jo(e) said...

Ah, thanks for the reminder.