Positive encouragement

I got an email today that I have to blog about to savor the positive encouragement that has been so rare in my academic life. I asked WiseMA advisor to write me a letter of recommendation for a job I am applying for. I also updated him on my move to Postdoc city, told him I had given a complete draft to my dissertation advisor, and that I am now revising the draft. This is part of his reply:
Congratulations! You are on the move!
I'll be glad, indeed ecstatic to write the letter.

From the depths of revising hell (although today was productive, it wasn't exactly fun) I am enjoying that email. Why is it that so few academics can be encouraging of their students. I think I was spoiled as an MA student, and my PhD advisor seems sorely lacking to me, since he hasn't ever encouraged me directly. I did hear that he thought well of me from another professor, but I think I just have this need for approval from authority figures or something. Okay, enough musings. I am off to bed!


Gina said...

I just discovered your blog, Alice, and I'm enjoying it. I agree with you that it's rare that academics are positive and encouraging of each other. It's like they're afraid that encouragement will make you not try harder. I'm glad you have someone in your court!

Alice said...

Hi Gina,
Thanks for saying hello. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. It is always nice to know who is out there reading.