Wheel of life

I did a wheel of life exercise the other day, scoring where I am in each area of my life, and setting goals to work on priority areas for the next few months.
I'm not the least bit surprised to find that my life isn't very balanced right now, but it was helpful to see what areas I want to work on. I specifically need to pay lots more attention to recreation and friendships. I am sure this is true of most academics. Anyway, these are the minimum threshold goals I've set for the next three months:
1. Lunch or dinner once a month with key friends. In some cases, this will involve cooking, which is another fun activity I've been neglecting lately
2. Read one novel per month
3. Go for two 25-min walks each week

You can find the exercise here if you want to try it:

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Seeking Solace said...

How exciting! I am looking forward to reading about your progress!