A cup to save the day

Though I am not generally a fan of flavored teas, Tea forte's Black currant tea is quite exceptional. It is a deliciously full, rich black tea, underlined with a tart blackberry flavor that compliments the tea and rounds out the flavor. I was sold on this tea by its scent alone. Even in the package, when I popped open the tin at my local grocery store, this bold and fruity black tea stood out among its peers. This tea easily stands alone but I'd recommend drinking it with lemon and honey (emphasizes tart and sweet notes). Don't underestimate this tea -- it's my post-lunch weapon to conquer end-of-semester malaise, and I can't count how many times it has literally turned my day around.


undine said...

I want to try this tea ow. The after-lunch slump (actually about 2 p.m.) is the worst.

AliceAcademic said...

Let me know how you like it if you try it.