The summer that isn't

Taking a summer break seems all well and good but this year I'm trying something different. Rather than getting all amped up about summer plans, and then getting depressed at the end of the summer when I haven't accomplished anything, I'm just going to keep applying continuous energy towards my research, as if I worked in any other industry. I'm still going into work everyday, it all looks the same on the outside, I am just working on research instead of teaching. 

This might be the worst way to tackle a summer, I don't know. But last year, I didn't get it quite right. I had a sense of dread as the semester approached, and I don't want to repeat that. I'm trying a different tack this year. There's still plenty to relish about summer even while being at work full-time. I still get to enjoy my early morning, my lunch break, and evening, as long as I get to bed at a decent hour. I still get to do whatever I please on the weekends. I'm just not getting myself in and out of an intense work-mode like a yo-yo between semesters and summers. I'm not making any grand summer plans, just trying to stay on an even keel and keep pressing forward. What about you? How do you change your work habits over the summer? Or don't you? 

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