New Computer Resolutions

I have been a bad blogger, but consider yourself spared of many “no news yet” posts. I’m still applying for jobs and there is a small chance I may have a short-term teaching gig for the fall, but basically this is the deal:
Uncertainty Looms Large.

Still, whatever the outcome of my whole life story may be, in the short-run, I have been figuring how to ramp up my publication record, especially now that the majority of job applications are submitted and I’m not teaching this summer. I was just drinking coffee and working on my plan to take over the world, when I read Notorious’ post on New Summer’s Resolutions. Last summer was really productive for me and my goal is to do the same this year. I love the idea of summer resolutions. Here are mine, following Notorious Ph.D’s daily, weekly, summer-long, format :

Daily: Write first, at least one page per day, Readings for Summer Paper II. (Finish paper one before beginning to write daily on grant application also.)

Weekly: Keep working on job searching, letter requests and applications, yoga or tennis at least once a week.

Summer-long goals: Submit Summer Paper I, Apply for big-time grant II, syllabi for fall (pending approval of teaching gig), Submit Summer Paper II.

The co-incidental timing of my recent laptop purchase also means I have a shiny new toy to make my goals happen. While I’d prefer that my machines provide lasting use for several years, it seems like the laptops I’ve had have become less and less durable. This means it takes less and less time before something awful goes wrong and the whole screen turns black or whatever. Of course, they also cost less and less, and this is the first laptop I’ve bought that is under $500! Yay!

There is one upside to this short lifespan of the new machines, even for the impoverished academic. For me, I find that my productivity definitely improves when I first get a new laptop. I like to think it doesn’t matter, but the truth is it really does make a huge difference. I also like new pens and new notebooks for the same reason. What about you? Does the shiny newness get you too?


Seeking Solace said...

Shinny new things definitely inspire me.:)

JaneB said...

Oh yeah, new stuff definitely helps! Every new project needs its own hideously expensive notebook, as a bare minimum...