Midnight snack confession

I am not built for the kind of weather that winter brings. Once it gets into the 20s, like today, I start craving all kinds of junk food on a full stomach, snack constantly, drink lots of hot teas (herbal) and bundle up with my warmest socks and fleeces even in the house. Ski socks make me very happy this time of year, though I am not a skier! I wear them with my slippers around the house. I must have poor circulation, because I like thick gloves when I go out in the cold.

I also find it especially difficult to avoid cookies, pastries and other sugary stuff when I am out shopping. Today, I came home with both cookies and ice cream from the grocery store and yes, I plan to have a serving of each before bed. I feel like it is a victory that I didn't bring home any chocolate also! I'm just confessing my indulgent midnight snacks in the hopes that it will lead to some recognition of where this urge is coming from. Please, universe, find me a job in the sunbelt. What about you? How do you manage cold?


EcoGeoFemme said...

I hate it too, but it's actually the dark and snow that bother me more.

Good luck finding a job in a warm place!

AliceAcademic said...

I don't mind snow as much but the getting dark early is a bother. I put up Christmas lights (inside) a few days ago and it has cheered up my place quite a bit. Thanks for the good wishes and hope you stay cozy and cheery this winter!

undine said...

Lots of hot tea. Also, I'm a baking addict (I used to bake sweet things a few times a week) who has mostly stopped, but in this weather I allow myself a once-a-week baking spree, usually cookies. I can stand cold better than heat, though.

I hope you find a sunbelt job!

AliceAcademic said...

Thanks Undine, I think I will have to give myself permission to do the once-a-week baking spree also. I'm sure it is healthier than buying them from the store.

Plus, I think I've also gotten over the initial shock of the cold because it came on kind of suddenly here, so I'm getting more acclimated.