Game ON

I told my mentor yesterday how little writing I was getting done, and though I may soon regret these words, promised to meet him with a draft of Monumental paper in three weeks. It is time to hunker down and write. Maybe this fall weather is good for something after all. I've been so busy lamenting the loss of summer that I can't quite seem to enjoy the crisp fall the way I usually do. I think part of the lament has to do with not getting any papers out this summer. I was too busy multitasking on my three different papers to get any one of them done. Ploy of procrastination? Probably, but either way, I'm on the market this fall, and my one publication is not going to look too great without at least one other under review.

So this is it. Writing daily from here on out. And, if you've got a writing project that's stalled, consider yourself tagged for daily writing posts. Game ON.


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Go, you! Find a time, turn off the internet, make some coffee, and go go go!

AliceAcademic said...

Thanks for the support, Notorious.