relative challenges II

Good news on the teaching front. I've been so anxious on my teaching days for the last month that I couldn't eat anything besides crackers and soda on those days. Now, things have improved so I can actually eat a solid lunch before I go into my evening class. At least I don't have to worry about fainting now.

As far as prepping goes, I'm still overdoing it. I'm teaching a course that is far enough outside of my area that I feel insecure about my knowledge of the material, so I end up doing a mini-research project for each lecture. This whole venture, of course, isn't helping me balance things in my life, even within the academic sphere. I was frantically working to submit a job application earlier today, and it just seemed so wrong to be so close up against a deadline when a document that could determine one's fate is at stake.

Even my writing has been totally set aside this month for the first time in years, which is pretty terrible, as I have two manuscripts that need immediate resuscitation! Notorious PhD's recent posts are inspiring me to start writing again. If you haven't read them, you must. Her results speak for themselves.

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Notorious Ph.D. said...

Awww... thanks for the shout-out, Alice! I actually just posted something else, a manifesto on the importance of writing in a time of financial crisis. I don't usually toot my own horn on blog posts, but this pretty much sums up why I'm doing what I'm doing.