fast summer food

At the risk of becoming a food blogger, I'm singing the praises of yet another recipe in this post. Well, its not really a recipe, since you can guess how its made and what the ingredients are: its a blue-cheese and tomato grilled sandwich. Oh, yes, there is a bit of salt and pepper over the tomato (and a tiny bit of butter for the grilling, which could be skipped if you used a nonstick pan). I decided to go for an even lower effort version than the recipe described, and just stuck the whole thing in the toaster oven and a few minutes later, I was in blue-cheese-heaven. Yum. I used Danish Blue cheese and an organic tomato from the farmer's market. I've never thought to melt blue cheese, until I read this recipe in Mark Bittman's new book, Kitchen Express. The whole book seems to be all about deliciousness without much effort, and what more can one ask for, especially in the heat of the summer?

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