post-deadline addiction assesment

On Monday, I triumphantly emerged from the other side of my accepted paper revisions. Since then, I've been to a week-long workshop. I decided that while workshopping, I'd try to cut back on my coffee consumption, which went up radically while working on revisions. The unfortunate result of this is that I've been a zombie for most of this week.

I hit a low point yesterday, when I had friends over for dinner, and felt like I was being an irritable hostess because I'd held off on my afternoon espresso. I used to give up coffee every summer, but I'm not sure I can do that anymore. I have a lot of writing that needs to happen this summer, and lack of caffeine doesn't help with productivity.

So far today, I've had a nice croissant and cappucino for breakfast, picked up some vegetables at the farmers market, had lunch with some friends and biked home. I'm functioning reasonably okay, but I could use more coffee already! What am I going to do with myself? What about you? How do you stop yourself from ramping up the coffee when you have a deadline?


Notorious Ph.D. said...

I never ramp up the coffee for deadlines. I've just kept a steady stream going at all times, pretty much since 1989.

EcoGeoFemme said...


gigirose said...

i've been wondering about the same thing... i'm in the midst of qualifying exams and have allowed myself free-reign on the coffee consumption, but 2 weeks after i finish i leave for fieldwork in China, where my coffee consumption will take a nose-dive... and i fear the withdrawal symptoms. But i don't want to compromise my productivity in the mean time! My only concession has been that if I find myself thinking I need either nap or coffee, I've been choosing the nap. It's a grand extravagance, but it's worth it!