Bringing out the big coffeemaker

Tomorrow I have to be on campus earlier than I've gone in at least a month. Since all the traveling I've done in the last month, I haven't made much of an effort to get over my jetlag, because it didn't matter, my clock was just off by a few hours. Now I am getting serious about it.

I just got back from digging through boxes in my basement to find my coffee maker which, fortunately, unlike my reliable old Bialetti Moka, has been bestowed with pre-programmability.

Tomorrow, I need to be up about three hours before usual. So, not only will I pick out my clothes and pack my bag for the morning, but I am about to go and set the timer for an ungodly hour, so that I can be awake and functional and do some writing before my first meeting.

I'm convinced that all the problems of the world can be solved with the right amount of caffeine administered at the right time. The real trouble is figuring out how much and when.

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