Winter wardrobe

Today I wore a full length wool-skirt that I had forgotten all about, along with some cute boots and a simple sweater. I don't know why I don't wear this look more frequently. There is something wonderful about busting out a skirt in the middle of winter, and I never remember to wear this enough. I just rotate between different pants when it comes to winter and that is such a shame. I guess there is still plenty of cold weather to get more use out of it. How about you? Do you even try to wear skirts in the winter, or do you resign yourself to pants all winter?


Prof Sherlock said...

When I was teaching in public schools and on campus in colleges (I teach all online now), I had several long skirts that I wore with turtlenecks and boots. I got a few pairs of tights and leggings to wear under the skirts on really cold days. It was so much more comfortable than pants and I dearly love boots!! What better way to get a lot of use out of them :)

AliceAcademic said...

Hi Prof Sherlock,
You're right. Its far more comfy and fun than pants. Enjoy the boot-wearing weather!

EcoGeoFemme said...

I wear jeans every day, although I change into sweat pants the second I get home in the evening. It's too cold for skirts here, and I like to sit with my legs up so skirts aren't as comfortable as pants. Also probably not so good for the lab.

But I can appreciate the pleasure of finding a lost outfit and changing up your wardrobe a little, especially in winter.