Closure for the academic relationship

I didn't blog about this at the time because things were rushed, but I realize that I finally felt like I was getting closure on our relationship being over when the Mad Hatter visited me right before Christmas.

This visit was different. He was returning my stuff. Stuff that was moved to his city years ago when we were planning to move in together. Stuff that never quite made it back because it just didn't seem important enough. I still have the boxes in a giant stack in my study. I'm sure most of them will be thrown out because I haven't used this stuff in years, so how important can it be, right? But that's not what gave me the closure I needed. What did it for me was when we both went through all the books on my shelves together, checking to make sure that he had all of his, and I had all of mine back from him. We shared a lot both through the books and outside of them, but now, looking at my shelves and seeing only my own books reinforces the end of the relationship for me. Not in a sad way, just that its visibly over. I'm ready for a fresh start in 2009.

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