No more plastic sandwiches for me

One little shop that I love in Postdoc City is the little French bakery around the corner from me. Apart from dangerously good baguettes which are a bit on the crispy side, just the way I like 'em, they also sell fabulous cheeses. I'm currently in love with Swiss Gruyere,this stuff, which is deliciously sweet and just the right amount of salty, just fills your mouth with flavor. It tastes like something greater than cheese, really. And, its not even that I haven't tasted it before, I'm just rediscovering this. I need to stop buying the stuff at the supermarket that is pre-sliced and tastes like plastic. Even if it costs more, I'm willing to have less of the good stuff rather than eat any more plastic sandwiches.

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EcoGeoFemme said...

That's how I feel about beer. :)