Lightening up for the holidays

I'm putting up Christmas lights today to combat the early darkness that comes with winter. I never do this, it isn't my singleton tradition or anything, and I won't really do anything else remotely Christmas oriented. I just felt inspired to do something cheery and bright. We got our first snow this weekend, so I think its time for some sparkly lights and candles in the house. This will be good for my mood this week because I'll be spending a lot more time indoors than I usually do. I tend to do most of my reading at home and writing in cafes, so while I'm still working on this literature review, I'll alternate between the office and home.


Notorious Ph.D. said...

This sounds like a good idea. I think small christmas lights around a window are lovely. And in my tiny little bungalow apartment, they'd be just the right amount of cozy.

AliceAcademic said...

I'd like to think that the previous person who lived here must have done this, too. I went to put them up and noticed that there were little hooks all around the front window in just the right spots!