Rained in reading

Last night, I was still in my office at 5.30pm because I didn't get there until the decadent hour of 9am. The rain was coming down outside and my tennis partner called to cancel for the second time this week. You'd think with how much I love getting out on the court that I would be disappointed, but I wasn't. I'm so into my new project that I sat there thinking how great that was because it gave me time to read some of the articles that I had just printed. There is nothing quite like sitting under your favorite yellow lamp, curling your fingers around a hot cup of tea, with a good article to read while its dark and raining outside. Maybe this is my own version of new project infatuation, but I love that THIS is my job, and that I love it so much.

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Notorious Ph.D. said...

I'm with ya' -- I love working when it's raining out. It feels all cozy and such, like sitting and reading quietly is just where I'm meant to be.