InAdWriMo 2008

Since InAdWriMo last year was a huge help in getting my dissertation written, I'm going to rejoin this year to get me moving quickly on Manuscript #2. I have serious doubts about writing the whole thing in a month, especially since the last one took so long. But, the thing is, I'm not doing much more research on this one, and I'd be happy with a decent draft. I don't need a whole done manuscript until mid December, but something that I can send out to friends for feedback by the end of the month would be fabulous. I'm guessing 8,000 words is a fairly challenging goal.

I've got a few more research things to do on this paper, so there may initially be some waiting on the wordcount for the next few days, but I hope to see that wordmeter on the left moving pretty soon and pretty quick.


Notorious Ph.D. said...

Exactly the same position I find myself in. I'll look forward to following your progress (and hopefully my own)!

[secret blog password is, would you believe it, "taters"!]

AliceAcademic said...

I'm taking your password to mean that my blog is channeling my desire to try out the Sweet Potato Oven fries recipe I've been eyeing in the local newsmag. I'll let you know if they are any good.