Incase you're wondering...

I made the deadline. Yay! Mostly thanks to Seeking Solace's very handy small-bit-by-small-bit advice, and before I knew it the thing was done and sent. And then I did laundry and caught up on other things in my life.

Now, I have unbloggable things going on in my academic life. I'm going to call my poor advisor this evening to get some help on handling the situation. What can I say, my life appears to be all about putting out fires one day at a time.

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Notorious Ph.D. said...

Hi Alice!

I popped on over to see what you were doing here, and after browsing your profile and the back posts, I'm starting to think that we may be the same person.

Well, except for that bit on deadlines. But other than that, the resemblance is striking. I'm looking forward to following your adventures!