Honestly Alice

The last time I saw Dr. Cool, a relaxed fellow, was at a small gathering at his house, and he asked how I was liking Postdoc City. This question had come on a day in which for all kinds of reasons, I was really missing GradSchool City and I inadvertently confessed to having pangs of missing GradSchool City. I promised myself when I got home that night that the next time I saw him, I would say something nice about Postdoc City. Well, today he walked into the coffee shop I was working at, and sat at a table near me and chatted with me for a bit. I made a casual remark about how much more amenable the weather was here in Postdoc City than GradSchool City, and how much the place was growing on me. Things were going quite well I thought, until he broached the subject of the job market, and I was a bit too honest and told him that I was not applying to DreamJob (for most, but not Alice). He seemed perplexed. I think he felt that I was being arrogant by telling DreamSchool to shove off because I didn't like the city. Now, this isn't my main reason for not applying. It is my lack of pubs, but try as I may, I could tell that my honesty did not serve me well in this situation again. When will I ever learn those social graces? Now Dr. Cool thinks that I am a total snob, and I'm not going to try to fix it this time.

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