In my ongoing quest to be an efficient academic, I have recently discovered a little trick that I suspect most of you are already hip to. It turns out that packing a bag the night before is nothing short of miraculous for productivity the following day.

Partly this is because it forces me to think about where I'm going to work and what I'm going to work on, so that I'll know precisely what I need to bring with me. The neat thing about it is, that going through this exercise not only gets me one step closer to heading out-the-door the next morning, but it also gets my subconscious ready to do said work before I go to bed, which is an added bonus.

Of course, this morning I cursed my night-before-self for forgetting to pack my headphones so I didn't get as much done at the coffee shop as I had hoped, but the bag thing does help. Really. Eff'ing Efficient.

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flossie said...

I'm going to try that. I've already started trying to pick out my clothes the night before, which saves a lot of sleepy hemming and hawing before the closet in the morning.