My office for the day

I'm visiting my sister on the West Coast, and I'm installed in my favorite coffee shop in sister's city, planning to spend the day writing. I should be taking an actual vacation soon, but I'm saving that up for the weekend trip we have planned because I've got too much work on my plate to enjoy a vacation right now. Yesterday morning, because she was off work that day, my sister talked me into going to the mall with her. Although I got to hang out with her, and bought three really nice t-shirts that I can wear this summer, at the end of the day, I was out $60 (This is MAJOR shopping for me) and I was grumpy about not getting any work done, so I couldn't fully enjoy it. Maybe getting some of these worky things out of the way will help me to relax and enjoy the vacation this weekend. I've got an administrative letter to finish up today, plus some more substantive writing on one of the two papers I'm working on today. Let's see how it goes. Unlike where I worked yesterday, today's spot has the added benefit of actual air conditioning, as well as damn good coffee. Let's hope that this combo makes for a productive day in an unfamiliar work environment.

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