Free Lunches

Since I've been out west, I've almost gotten two free lunches. On what turned out to be a very productive Tuesday at the coffee shop, where they serve soup and sandwiches for lunch, I went up to the counter to get something to eat. The cashier took my order and then gave me the gazpacho soup, and wrote down my sandwich order, saying they would bring it out to my table, and then turned around and started doing something else. She forgot to take my payment. When she finally came back to the counter, I reminded her. The next day, I bought a veggie wrap at the library, and the cashier charged me for the drink and the cookie I had gotten, but not the wrap. It wasn't until I was eating the lunch and noticed that the price of the wrap was more than the whole total that I paid did I realize that she forgot to charge me for the wrap. I went back and tried to explain to her, but she barely spoke English, and it was very challenging. Still, armed with the empty wrapper and the receipt in hand, I explained to the best of my ability. The lady behind me in the line, who was holding only one drink was starting to get upset. I would have hated for the poor cashier to close out the register at the end of the day and realize that she had to pull out her own money to make up the difference. But, I have to wonder, is this some kind of test of my honesty from the universe, with two days in a row of trying to give me free lunch at someone else's expense?

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