How do YOU write?

I learned how to write a little better from the Mad Hatter, who painstakingly edited the paper I presented recently. This big presentation can be blamed for keeping me from updating here. Mad hatter and I worked together on it for hours and hours, and his help made it far better than it would have been otherwise.

I noticed that he likes to write in bits and blurbs, with a lot of …’s for all the gaps, before and after each bit and blurb. I’ve always been a full-sentence-at-a-time kind of girl, but I see the virtue of the blurb writing now. He gets down every little piece of thought that way, and then you can always delete it, or change it, but everything is down on the page one way or the other.

Its really making me wonder WHY I write the way I do. Its not as though I began writing in the age of the typewriter, but I feel like I really do write in sentences. The thoughts pop out for me in sentence-sized pieces for me. I wonder if this is something that I have just become accustomed to or if this is something permanent. Do we think in sentences? It seems doubtful, really. What about you? Are you a blurb writer? Do you think you might be thinking in sentences?

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jo(e) said...

I *did* begin writing in the age of the typewriter. Maybe that's why I'm a "whole sentence" type of writer.

I do go back and edit a lot though.