Big Head Alice?

I'm finally getting back into a decent schedule after changing time zones by 3 hours for over ten days for Spring break. I had trouble adjusting my body clock when I got back, and I'm sure daylight savings didn't help, because it was 4 hours on the first day of Spring break. Finally I am not feeling half asleep in the middle of the workday, and I am on campus at a reasonable hour with a packed lunch in tow.

I spent a lot of time today getting things organized for graduation, which I'm looking forward to, but didn't think would consume so much time. I bought my plane ticket(with miles)and ordered the invitations and regalia (rental) after measuring my head for the cap. Since I didn't have a tape measure handy, I used the cord from my earphones, which was plenty long, and then measured that with a ruler. I hope I got it remotely in the ballpark of my head measurement. It came to almost 22 inches. I wonder if my head has grown since I started graduate school?

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