I'm a working mug *3

I am not sure how my adviser conned this mug (me) into working for another month on my dissertation even though everyone has signed off on it. Its not as though I can really refuse to, but I wish I could have said no to some of these revisions that I don't agree with. So now, here I am, my mug in front of the computer all the time, working again, on the same old dissertation.

Is this another post about dissertation venting? Not really. I actually started out writing about my coffee mug. You see, I am seriously into coffee mugs, and I vary them each morning depending on what is going to happen that day. For instance, weekends call for a tall skinny mug that I can drink leisurely without the coffee or tea getting cold too soon. On days when I want to put on my serious work persona in the hopes that it sinks into my head and makes me work harder, I have a hefty blue mug that makes me feel like a hardworking person. The blue mug hasn't been run through the dishwasher all week, I've been handwashing it and re-using it every day lately. It is a sign of how hard I am forcing myself to work this week.


kermitthefrog said...

Eh. I tend to just rinse out my coffee mug every day (for a finite number of days). Just out of dislike of dishwashing. Forgive the slovenliness. :)

AliceAcademic said...

I'm sure the groundwater thanks you for that much less detergent.