Guilty pressure

Yesterday, I filed, shredded and generally sorted out papers that were in a big stack on my living room desk for a good long while. Whenever I do anything like this, it is a clear sign of procrastination and, in this case, massive dissertation avoidance. Wracked with guilt, I whipped through a ton of my final revisions today. I got some work done on my revisions yesterday, too, but today I checked off a bunch of stuff on my revision list. Some of these things had appeared daunting earlier this week, but today, somehow I quickly and efficiently got through them. Maybe binge writing is not as bad as they say. Maybe sometimes you need enough procrastination guilt to really get going on things, to be able to move quickly because you have to. My final draft goes to my advisor at the end of this week. That is one email I am looking forward to pushing the send button on.


EcoGeoFemme said...

I wish I could be motivated by something other than guilt more frequently.

AliceAcademic said...

Hi ecogeofemme! One of the other motivators that works for me (on my rare, confident days) is delusions of grandeur. Massive amounts of caffeine seem to work wonders too, but guilt and deadlines are likely to top both of those for me (sadly!)