Feeling the love

I am usually anti-Valentine's day. Even when attached, I just cannot deal with all the shiny red balloon and flowers commercialism of it in the stores here. Today I got an email from a prof on my committee asking me how the revisions are going, and wishing me luck, and he is a person that I am convinced thought that I was a flake until he read my dissertation. Since this is someone whose work I admire more than possibly anyone I have met in person, I am delighted that he is now being so supportive. In addition to that, a person who has been helping with my writing for the last six months, more so than anyone, this person has got me through some very stuck times, is supporting me now with my revisions in her usual, stunningly fabulous way. All of that might have been enough to make my day, but someone very close to me, that I have known for ages, who had never told me they loved me, did so this morning. I'll spare you the sappy feelings, suffice it to say, I am feeling loved today, and no-one spent a dime on me!!

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