You forgot to pay, dear

The lady who bakes yummy cakes at a coffee shop near my house very patiently said those words to me as I was leaving. I have been such a space cadet today. I go to this place pretty often, and they know that I am a good customer who doesn't walk out on her bill, but it was still so embarrassing. I had wanted to pay at the counter, which is what I usually do, before I go sit down with my food, but they were out of coffee, and she told me to go ahead and sit down, she would bring it out to my table. And then, I was busy reading, eating, drinking coffee, and by the time I was leaving, I forgot I hadn't paid like I usually do. I almost walked right out!

Earlier in the day as I was paying for something else, I reached into my bag and discovered that I had left my wallet at home. Fortunately, it was a short walk away, even though it was raining cats and dogs today. I think this weather makes my brain feel washed out.

To remedy my washed out brain, I fixed myself a steaming hot bowl of Moroccan Green Lentil soup from this month's vegetarian times for dinner tonight. I couldn't find it on their website, but it was very lemony and full of vermicelli, green lentils, garbanzos, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and I added fresh ginger to it too. I liked it so much that I took some over to my duplex neighbor right away. She had been collecting my mail the whole time I was gone for my defense, and I wanted to thank her. She was thrilled. Now that my brain is well-nourished, hopefully it will cooperate in making revisions and going about life, paying for stuff without causing public embarrassment tomorrow.

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