I usually wake up with only one thing on my mind, shortening the distance between sleepy me, my newspaper and some hot, strong coffee. Today I woke up and looked over at my suitcase that I'm bringing with me, and thought, wow, I am going to defend my dissertation. Today, I am flying to Home city (where my parents live) and then driving to PhD city for my dissertation defense.

Being here feels so satisfying, like the end of something, but also inspiring, like the beginning of something, too. My advisor gave me a ton of revisions, so I feel confident that whatever I get from my defense, I can handle. Nobody can possibly top the amount of revisions that I have already done, so anything else will be peanuts. Essentially, the document is in the basic form that it will be in. But this is also the beginning of turning it into articles, or a book or whatever I end up doing. Its the beginning of everything that comes after this.

I'm enjoying this moment of liminality, and being in the present today. I've spent so much of my time at Postdoc city lamenting how behind I was, but now I am okay with where I am. This moment has its own beauty and potential and I am going to dig deep and enjoy it while I pack my bags for my evening flight.


BrightStar said...

best wishes!

AliceAcademic said...

Thanks, B*. I forgot to mention that your earlier comment about my advisor not letting me get to this point without being ready was very helpful!