I made it !

What is the great accomplishment, you ask? No, not yet, the defense is not until next week. I had such a hard time getting to campus this morning, and then getting back over there after I came home for lunch, that I almost got back in bed. Seriously. I am SO damn proud of myself right now for getting my butt back on campus and working for 3 more hours today. I just got back home and I am going to do something really nice for myself tonight, because I got work done today at all. Does this seem pathetic?

There is little that I am forced to do externally right now, because I'm not teaching classes or anything, and there are times when this can be just as hard as having too many external responsibilities. I don't show up at a lab like other science postdocs, I have to be my own internal boss. And, there are days when that is especially challenging. The weather being awful never helps, as staying inside and staying warm can be tempting. But today, I didn't cave in. Some of the worst weather I've experienced in many years didn't stop me either. Alice has successfully conquered the evil forces of laziness for one more day! Now I can take the evening off guilt free.

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