Post thanksgiving thankfulness

Inspired by some posts over at Repressed Libriarian's I have been working on being more appreciative and thankful for what is in my life. About six years ago, when I had returned to my parents’ place for a winter break, there were so many people in the apartment that my younger sister and I had spent the night in sleeping bags on the living room floor. I was sound asleep when my brother knocked loudly on the front door around 8.30 on a Sunday morning. My sister and I were determined to sleep through anything, preferably until around noon, when our mother wouldn’t stand it anymore and got us up in time for lunch.

Somehow my brother, who is significantly older than my sister and I, managed to wake us up, and convinced us that my sister and I were going to join him at his Sunday morning yoga class. As I recall, my parents agreed that it was a great idea, and we should be awake by then anyway. By the time we were done arguing, we were already half awake, and decided it wasn’t worth arguing about anymore, though we were skeptical about anything sporty that didn’t involve tennis. Off we went to yoga class, in my brother’s luxury car, three towels and three water bottles in tow. It was the first time I had been in a formal yoga class. The teacher had one of those soothing voices that can talk you into any contortion, and, she made sure you didn’t feel bad if you couldn’t get it. Visualize yourself touching your toes, she said, for those of us who couldn’t reach. Her calming energy penetrated the room, and before we knew it, the one hour class was over. It was transformative. I felt the difference in my energy and calmness before and after the class.

Six years later, I can’t imagine my life without yoga. My brother doesn’t read this blog, but I’m just taking this space to say an invisible thank you to him. I recently discovered Yoga Today, which gives me an hour long free class every day, without having to leave home!

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