Sludginess and goal revision

New coffeeshop and increased productivity not withstanding, the writing meter is not moving very fast. Partly this is because editing involves deleting as many words as I write on many days, and partly this is because I overestimate how much I can do over the long run, like a month. It is much easier for me to estimate how much I can do in say, 15 minutes, rather than one week, or one month, just because of the way that I think about my work. If I can finish revisions on Chapter 5 in the next 5 days, I will be happy. Other stuff will have to wait until December. I'm just being realistic here. I've done a lot this November, and the fact that Chapter 4 morphed into two chapters means that I'll get more out of my dissertation eventually, too. Its got article potential that is a bit wider than I thought, with this extra chapter. So, in the end, its all good. 2007 will end on a bright note, and with any luck, I won't carry any revisions into the New Year, unless they are post-defense revisions.

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