Just feels Sew Right

Since my dissertation edits have taken so long that I'm burned out, more burned out than I was at the end of the summer (hard to imagine, all I did was write) I'm trying to do more things that get my life juices flowing. Like knitting that scarf, it felt so great to play with wool again after so long. And now, I have something to keep my neck warm that I like!

I'm on to the next project next week, which is sewing a jacket for my niece. I've cut out the long blue jacket I am sewing for my niece in a navy wool fabric. No matching hat, though. The one in the picture looks hideous. Its sort of a light jacket, even though its wool, its not very thick. Which, since she lives in Cali, is probably a good thing. I bought the pattern last year, but put it off, thinking I would finish my dissertation first (like so many other things.)Anyway, I have more justification for this distraction, since even though I cut it big, she's probably already grown out of it!

Anyhow, I don't think its really been a distraction knitting the scarf, playing more tennis, if anything, I have been more productive since I started taking better care of myself. After slaying Chapter 4 last week, I'm very ready to put the finishing touches on Chapter 5 tomorrow morning, and move on to the last two chapters. All these edits from Advisorman are really making the dissertation stronger. My resentment for his list of edits is getting smaller and smaller as I get through it, and I've actually been thinking that maybe I just saw him in a certain way (as not that helpful and not that encouraging) because of my experience with the program more generally. Its funny that I am going to bed thinking good thoughts about Advisorman. I never thought I would get here.

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