Frazled Friday

I still have a lot to do today, and the day is slipping away from me. So, to continue in my vein of boring my handful of readers so they don't bother reading anymore, I thought I would post a list of things that I have left to do today. But seriously its because I am feeling frazzled and need to stop, breathe and make a list.
  • Read and make notes on article by MentorProf
  • writeup notes into section from hell (SFH)
  • writeup notes from interview into SFH
  • beefup theory section with stuff from future article notes
  • run through list of mini-edits from Advisorman
  • call Chapter 5 done
  • clean whatever was burning on the stove's plate when I boiled water for coffee this morning*
  • get groceries
  • enjoy the fact weekly colloquium is cancelled today
  • plot next knitting project

    *I would have cleaned it right then, but that would have violated my policy of writing first. Most likely culprit is the soup from last night that I poured without a ladle, and probably a bit of it dripped off the pot, escaping my notice. Yeah. I can be lazy like that when no-one is looking.
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