Caffeination Locations

Sometimes I just lurve postdoc city. There are small surprises here that I am still discovering. Since I don't interact with locals much yet, being in the dissertation bubble that I am, this makes discovering hot spots here harder. I had a couple of funky study friendly coffeeshops that MentorProf had recommended, plus a couple of Starbucks nearby that I could go to in a pinch, and also a couple of bakery/pastryshop places to feed my inner sugar fiend, all within biking distance of my place where I can easily drag myself and my computer to plug in and work. Surely Alice, you're happy with that selection, you ask? Yes. I was really happy, but today I'm THRILLED. I found a fantastic new coffeeshop. Its just the kind of coffeeshop that will get me out of the house in the winter. There are little sparkly christmas lights all over the ceiling. This place makes me SO happy. I lurve me some sparkly lights and $1 coffee!! Watch my writing meter go off the charts now!

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