The borrowed book

MentorProf lent me one of his books earlier this semester, and then he asked me to put it in his mailbox because he wanted to use it to prepare for a guest lecture that morning. So, I delivered it to his mailbox, but I plucked up the courage to tell him I wasn’t quite done with it and wanted to borrow it again. No problem, he would put it right back in my mailbox as soon as he finished, he said. Except. I didn’t go into campus the next week, and I forgot all about it, as I worked on another section of the edits.

When I went back, it wasn’t there. I was so horrified, right then, I just bought the book on amazon, even though I am totally broke and do not need to buy anything, much less stuff that isn’t food, because I am too much of a wuss to ask him if he put it in there and it got stolen or something. I figured that way, if it has been stolen, I can quickly produce the amazon copy. If not, I have my very own copy of a book I should probably have bought years ago, because I have checked it out of the library so many times. Fortunately, and, oddly, he didn’t have any markings in the book, unlike other books of his I’ve seen.

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