Pages vs. Hours

I am trying to figure out what kind of writing goals are useful for me, pages vs. hours. Monday will be an hours day. I am going to try hours instead of more concrete writing goals, which just leave me disappointed at how little I get accomplished, because I cannot put garbage in my dissertation. I am not one of those edit, edit, edit people. One round of editing is killing me because I tend to edit as I go.

What do you do? Do you count hours or pages?


StyleyGeek said...

Definitely not pages. Pages go too slowly. Words, sometimes. That way you can always kid yourself that you just have to write another 100 words and then you can stop.

On a really bad day, though, I count minutes. That way I can get away with spending a lot of time revising work and not feeling like I have made negative progress by cutting the word count instead of increasing it!

Alice said...

Minutes? Even better! Today is a minutes day with these revisions. I can feel my self-esteem going up already.