Monday Movie

Pane e tulipani is a beautiful film. Rosalba, the main charcter in the film discovers herself through the course of an unlikely series of events that leaves her stranded while on vacation with her family. Rosalba ends up taking a vacation of her own, bringing her to Venice, where she leads a new and exciting life for a time, ultimately having to choose between this and her life back home. This film is full of hope, especially about love, beautiful scenes of Venice, deep characters, and lots and lots of plants and flowers. As in the title (literally bread and tulips) there is rich symbolism throughout the movie, I wonder if this is an Italian-film trend, as I haven't seen many. Anyway, I think the title is meant to convey the distinction between bread, which is eaten for sustenance and tulips, which go beyond basic needs and provide beauty and inspiration. Rosalba was happy eating bread, but she had forgotten how much she enjoys flowers until she was exposed to them more. It made me ask of my own life, am I just eating bread, or enjoying flowers too?

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repressed librarian said...

I saw that movie a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it as well. And that question you end with is always a good thing to ask ourselves.