In my head

I woke up bright and early today, only with a nasty migraine. So, after a quick persual of the newspaper while I was in denial about my headache, I went straight back to bed. Now, I am totally behind on my whole day, but my head feels a little better, which should make revising less painful also. I have to come up with a good reward for finishing this awful section of chapter 4 that has been kicking my butt because I am determined to get through it today.

It was great to see a big smile on Tipper Gore's face in the paper this morning. She just glowed in the California sun! If I were Al Gore, I would have probably just buried my head in the sand after the supreme court decision, so it was inspiring to see that he had moved on with such a sense of purpose for 7 years and now finally gets some recognition for his work. Way to go Gore! Maybe that picture struck me because I want that kind of smile on my own face when I finish my dissertation!

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