Bring on the Writing

I'm ready for the International Dissertation Writing Month, are you?

I SO need to get some serious writing done this November. And, there's nothing like peer pressure. Actually, just having writing peers is pretty nice, with or without the pressure! For one, I plan to finish my dissertation edits! Since I've already revised almost four of the six chapters, I have about two and a bit chapters to revise.

I also want to draft and submit an article from my MA that just never quite became the priority it should have.

Plus, I have no teaching statement, and would like to keep one on file incase I apply for more jobs.

I think that might not all make it up to 20,000 words, which is really an estimate (from a person prone to arithmetic avoidance) I figure I will count as I go, and if its not quite up there, there is a conference paper I should probably start working on for Spring. But, frankly, even just the dissertation edits would make me really really happy to be done with.

Here's to a great writing month everyone!!

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