Since I've been writing my dissertation I have gone through several phases with my cooking. First, I was making really elaborate meals in avoidance of work. Next, I made three healthy but identical and really boring quick meals every single day. Then I got into another phase where I was mostly eating out because I was living in a dorm while on a writing fellowship, not very conducive to doing much cooking. Now I have moved to postdoc city, and because I am still writing, and though I live in a nice duplex with a cute kitchen, I didn't bother changing it up. I rarely use my kitchen, and often admire how shiny and clean my old yellow electric stove is. I'm trying to change that and eat more home-cooked goodness while I am writing, but nothing too fancy that takes hours. Tonight I made a meal in about 40 minutes that really hit the spot. It was a pasta dish with zucchini and marscapone cheese from the Moosewood New Classics Cookbook. One thing I really like about this book is that the time estimates are very accurate, even for a slow-poke like me. I'm sure Rachel Ray could have made this meal in under 30 minutes, but I find that this cookbook has the perfect time estimates for Alice.

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